TALKSTORYCALI was inspired by the love my first husband had for hats. He collected them and had quite the collection. When he passed away unexpectedly he left behind his collection, his boys took a few and I myself started wearing some (I had never worn hats before) but these had meaning to them. I started to travel once he passed and found myself always bringing home souvenirs to my kids and myself that were hats! Hawaiian inspired, I love working in the Hawaii market and hearing the slang they use to describe things. 


TALKSTORYCALI stuck with me. Let's go grab a drink and TALKSTORY they would say. I loved it!! I wanted a TALKSTORY hat... I looked and no hats... So, in April of 2016 TALKSTORYCALI was created. Hats that create conversations. Great hats for all types of warm weather climates and if they get wet, they dry right off! Adult hats, kids hats, fun hats!! $1.00 for every hat sold goes directly to my young widows group. It will allow a widow mom to help put towards the cost of a sport for her child. 

Shop all of our FUN hats for any occasion and they make great gifts! Please feel free to reach out to us for custom orders and Retail wholesale accounts. 

We are based in beautiful Oceanside, California.

To contact us go to:

FACEBOOK: Talkstorycali 

INSTA: Talkstorycali